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Welcome To Samson Solar Power
The very thought that India as a country has rich resources of sunlight fuel makes SAMSON believe that it is the best available sustainable resource to be harnessed for overcoming the energy demands in future. The annual solar radiation falling over India is close to 5,000 trillion kWh which is more than sufficient to meet all our energy needs including future growth. We are committed to harness maximum potential to ensure energy security in future. The company is headed by Mr. Avishek Mukherjee-Managing Director, Mrs. Surabhi Mukherjee- Director & Mr. Kalyan Mukherjee- CEO.

News & Events
  Agartala Trade Fair 2011
  Asansol Trade Fair 2011
  Kolkata Book Fair 2012
  PV Installation
  Thermal Installation
  Telecom Tower Solarization
  Solar CFL Lantern
  37Wp Solar Home Light System
  Solar CFL Street Light